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EL-AV Compressors

A success story

Over the years, since its establishment in 1985, the company has undergone many different changes and upheavals. Looking back, decisions made at crossroads in the life of the company have catapulted it forward; thus, a small and simple company from Haifa grew to be one of the best and most advanced compressed air and gas companies in Israel. EL-AV Compressors is proud of the products and capabilities it puts at its customers’ disposal, as not many companies in the market, certainly not in the field of compressors, have such capabilities – a winning product, ongoing, meticulous R&D; a top-notch engineering and technical team; a lean, quick and efficient organizational structure, and many more advantages. You are welcome to read about our history, values and business ethos, as well as a bit about the company’s structure.

EL-AV Compressors

Every large project begins with one small calculation.

We at EL-AV Compressors Ltd Group believe that good solutions require prior thought and thorough, meticulous planning. When we set out to perform a project that is not of standard characteristics, we tap our best people in order to think, form a concept, characterize needs and constraints, design systems and plan production stages, until delivery of the project as a turnkey system.

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History timeline.

לאורך השנים שעברו וחלפו מאז הוקמה החברה בשנת 1985, עברה החברה שינויים ותהפוכות רבים. בדיעבד, החלטות שהתקבלו בצמתי מרכזיים בחיי החברה הזניקו אותה משמעותית והחברה הקטנה והפשוטה מחיפה צמחה וגדלה להיות אחת מחברות המדחסים הטובות והמתקדמות בארץ.

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EL-AV Compressors was established as a service company for air compressors


Establishment of a service department for screw compressor and move to Kiryat Bialik.


Receipt of exclusive representation of a screw compressor manufacturer, and establishment of a nationally deployed marketing department


EL-AV Compressors

Committed to providing quality products We believe that control and tracking are important tools required in order to ensure greater efficiency and continuous improvement.

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El-AV Compressors.

Numbers and facts.


Completed projects


Annual service requests


Compressors in the market


Satisfied clients

El-AV Compressors.

All services.

Service and support

Our service and support team is available at all hours of the day and throughout the year. EL-AV Compressors’ service concept gives customers both quick response time and high-quality, professional service.

Engineering and projects

EL-AV Compressors has an advanced engineering department that enables us to make complex projects accessible to customers throughout the project chain – from characterization, design and execution, until handing over the keys.

Consulting and providing solutions

Our team will be glad to assist you in any technical questions on a variety of issues, and offer consulting from the engineering, sales or technical-engineering team.

Complementary products

EL-AV Compressors offers a wide variety of complementary products for compressed air systems such as equipment for energy savings, instruments for measuring and monitoring air status, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators, vacuum pumps, chillers, and many more.

All services

El-AV Compressors.

Our clients:

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