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Spare parts

Original spare parts for EL-AV compressors

High-quality spare parts will ensure low operation costs, and enable maximum length of life with malfunction-free operation for the entire air system. For this reason, EL-AV’s high-quality spares are the first and only option when servicing your air compressor. EL-AV Compressors offers a broad selection of spare parts and accessories, of the highest quality on the market.

Use of non-original spare parts could damage the compressor and system in general. Use of low quality filters could lead to your compression unit taking in large amounts of particles and becoming damaged. As a result, compressor performance could be compromised or even worse – irreparable damage could be caused. In addition, EL-AV Compressors provides a comprehensive guarantee for all of its products, for long periods of time, with the option of an expanded guarantee package. Bear in mind that as part of the manufacturer’s guarantee, only original parts should be used, to ensure the serviceability of the products.


EL-AV service kit

To ensure that each compressor is serviced on time and efficiently, EL-AV provides its customers with a kit for periodic maintenance. The kit contains all parts necessary for servicing each and every compressor. The service kit is customized to each customer, and saves maintenance costs.


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