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Improving energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency

At present, more and more industrial plants and consumers of compressed air are aware that one of the most important considerations when purchasing an air compressor is energy efficiency. Over the years of an air compressor’s life, about 75% of total operation expenses are on electricity.

Precisely for this reason, EL-AV Compressors Ltd places great emphasis on the energy efficiency of its products, and has committed itself to meeting the most stringent efficiency requirements according to international standards. In order to ensure our customers the most efficient product on the market, we have launched the EL+ Series of screw compressors.

Compressors of the EL+ Series, the most energetically efficiency today, promise a short return on investment (ROI). With a simple test, it can be seen that replacing an old compressor with an EL+ Series compressor enables a monthly return of up to thousands of usd in electricity.

 By using an advanced airend and permanent magnetic motor, we ensure the customer especially high flow rates, a broad working range, especially low electricity consumption, and minimum operation costs.

Interested in saving electricity and operations costs in your plant? Contact us today at 972 4 8764 339.

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