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Air dryers

EL-AV Compressors Ltd refrigeration dryers and chemical adsorption dryers

EL-AV Compressors air dryers are built on an incomparably high level and quality of materials – high-quality dryers for peace of mind and dry air of up to -70°C dew point.

Air Dryers by EL-AV Compressors

Air dryers play an important and central role in the compressed air system – to isolate moisture from the compressed air before it enters the plant piping. There are different levels of air drying, marked in accordance with the dew point. In Israel, measurements are made on the Celsius scale.

EL-AV Compressors uses two main air dryer technologies: refrigeration dryers and chemical adsorption dryers, that provide the customer with dry air at a dew point starting from +3°C to -70°C. The level of air required is determined by the machines or industry for which the air system is designated. Our air dryers are manufactured at the highest level of quality to provide customers with dry, high-quality air and peace of mind.

Refrigeration dryers

All of EL-AV Compressors’ refrigeration dryers operate with a refrigeration compressor, using an environmentally friendly refrigerant. The working principle of refrigeration dryers is to cool the compressed air taken into it, condense the vapor to a liquid state and then, with an electric device, drain it from the system. In essence, the refrigeration system transmits gas through the heat exchanger while simultaneously transmitting “hot” compressed air; thus, the condensation or drying stage is performed. The advantage of this technology is its energy efficiency, maintaining a uniform dew points of +3°C, and low maintenance costs.

All dryers manufactured by EL-AV Compressors use heat exchangers made from high-quality aluminum, with high durability over time.

Chemical adsorption dryers

EL-AV Compressors adsorption dryers operate according to the “dual tower” method. In this method there are two tanks filled with adsorption material operating cyclically. In each cycle, moist air is transmitted into one of the tanks, passing through the adsorption material and exiting on the other side dry to a level of up to -70°C dew point. After the cycle has ended, the air is transmitted through the dry tank, and some of the dry air returns to the wet tank in order to dry it and prepare it for the next cycle. The advantage of this method: A much lower dew point can be achieved compared to the +3°C of standard refrigeration dryers.

EL-AV Compressors adsorption dryers employ advanced controls with an advanced valve arrangement and high level of adsorption material to achieve excellent results of air quality, maintain high energy efficiency, and achieve a reliable, high-quality product to serve the customer for many years.

El-AV Compressors.

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Service and support

Our service and support team is available at all hours of the day and throughout the year. EL-AV Compressors’ service concept gives customers both quick response time and high-quality, professional service.

Engineering and projects

EL-AV Compressors has an advanced engineering department that enables us to make complex projects accessible to customers throughout the project chain – from characterization, design and execution, until handing over the keys.

Consulting and providing solutions

Our team will be glad to assist you in any technical questions on a variety of issues, and offer consulting from the engineering, sales or technical-engineering team.

Complementary products

EL-AV Compressors offers a wide variety of complementary products for compressed air systems such as equipment for energy savings, instruments for measuring and monitoring air status, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators, vacuum pumps, chillers, and many more.

All services


EL-AV Compressors

Committed to providing quality products We believe that control and tracking are important tools required in order to ensure greater efficiency and continuous improvement.

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