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Compressed air treatment

Air filtration and draining of liquids

EL-AV Compressors micron filters for compressed air and automatic water drains – your guarantee of better quality, treated dry air

Micron filters for treatment of compressed air

In-line filters have an important and central role in treating the quality and cleanliness of compressed air. Compressed air contains contaminants that if not removed could, over time, compromise the functionality and operation of production machines and products. This hazard could considerably raise operations costs of machines, and increase product loss. In addition, many applications require air that is treated to some degree, such as: food, medical uses, pharmaceutical, and more.

EL-AV Compressors EF Series in-line filters, available in several filtration degree and sizes, ensure peace of mind and superb quality of air. The filter is built from three layers, designed to remove contaminants from the air. The layers are made from especially strong and durable materials, to give you peace of mind for the entire life of the filter.

EF Series in-line filters come in the filter housing, made from high-quality aluminum for reduced weight and high corrosion resistance. The internal structure of the filter housing is designed in a way that maintains good air flow without significant loss of pressure or air flow, thus maintaining high efficiency without compromising the high energy efficiency of the air system.

 Automatic electric drain valve

The job of drain valves is to automatically drain the liquids at certain locations in the compressor room or in the plant air pipe, such as the cyclone water separator on the air tank. Discharge of liquids is an important and central part of obtaining high-quality dry air, and also prevents malfunctions and high operations costs. If liquids are not discharged at the relevant locations, the liquids will find their way to the air consumers, which could cause great damage to production machines, products, air pipes, and more. Therefore, proper automatic discharge of liquids is highly recommended for compressed air systems.

EL-AV Compressors provides its customers with two main technologies for electric automatic discharge.

Electric drain valve with timer

The drain is made from high-quality materials with high resistance to corrosion, with a high-quality coil for creating a magnetic field with no disturbances and low working temperature, a robust solenoid valve with high durability over time.

* Low operational costs
* Easy to maintain
* Quick and easy installation
* Control of discharge times

 Smart electric drain valve

 The drain valve is made from high-quality materials with high resistance to corrosion. The external body and internal parts are designed for continuous work in extreme conditions. The valve features an enlarged coil to create a magnetic field with no disturbances for quick and stable opening of the drain valve, as well as an enlarged solenoid valve for good flow of liquids and rapid discharge and closing at the end, to prevent loss of air during discharge.

* High energy efficiency
* Short ROI
* Reliability over time
* Proper, continuous discharge of liquids with no air
* Discharge only as needed rather than according to predetermined time
* Savings of over 50% in electricity costs as opposed to timer-operated valve
* Quiet discharge due to drainage of liquids only, without air

El-AV Compressors.

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Service and support

Our service and support team is available at all hours of the day and throughout the year. EL-AV Compressors’ service concept gives customers both quick response time and high-quality, professional service.

Engineering and projects

EL-AV Compressors has an advanced engineering department that enables us to make complex projects accessible to customers throughout the project chain – from characterization, design and execution, until handing over the keys.

Consulting and providing solutions

Our team will be glad to assist you in any technical questions on a variety of issues, and offer consulting from the engineering, sales or technical-engineering team.

Complementary products

EL-AV Compressors offers a wide variety of complementary products for compressed air systems such as equipment for energy savings, instruments for measuring and monitoring air status, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators, vacuum pumps, chillers, and many more.

All services


EL-AV Compressors

Committed to providing quality products We believe that control and tracking are important tools required in order to ensure greater efficiency and continuous improvement.

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