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Timer Drainer


The timer-operated electric drain valve constitutes a simple but important component of a compressed air system. Since air contains moisture that is compressed and becomes water, there is a need to get rid of the residue and liquids that flow through the pipes and collect in the air tank and at other points throughout the air system.

The simplest, easiest and most convenient way is to provide a timer-operated electric drain valve with two different times, to enable the customer to dispose of harmful residue and also determine the frequency and duration of discharge. The discharge valve is supplied as a unit including the separation valve, command timer, electrical cable, mesh filter for removal of debris from the piping, and a solenoid valve.


Technical information

  • Suitable for all types of compressors
  • Working pressure – 0 bar to 16 bar (with option of higher pressures by request)
  • Supply voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Residue temperature 1°C to 55°C
  • Ambient temperature -10°C to 60°C
  • Adjustment of timer cycle 0.5 – 10 seconds / 0.5 – 45 minutes
  • SMD Timer PCB
  • Indication of timer action – light LED lamp
  • Option of existing timer test
  • Two-way valve, direct passage
  • Cylinder diameter 4 mm
  • Pipe connection 1/2”
  • Existing service / cutoff valve
  • Valve made from brass


Product advantages

  • Compact, efficient design with uncompromising technical performance.
  • Durable components for better results under various climate conditions and tough environments.
  • Reliable, safe functioning.
  • Easy, simple installation.
  • Including a mesh pre-filter for residue removal.
  • Including a cutoff valve for servicing.
  • Easy, convenient access to all parts of the drain valve.
  • Especially durable electronic components.
  • Indicator light for drain valve action including option of work adjustment and functionality test button.


Improving energy efficiency

The drain valve’s mode of operation is discharge of water as a result of air pressure when opening the solenoid valve. In order to save air compressor energy, both frequency and duration of discharge of the drain valve may be adjusted, thus reducing loss of compressed air and, as a result, reducing compressor operation time.

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