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ELOF Series oil-free screw compressors

ELOF Series oil-less screw compressors are the ultimate choice for industries that require ISO 8573-1 Class 0 air, such as:

pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, hi-tech products, textiles, and more.


Why buy an EL-AV Compressors oil-free screw compressor?

In many applications, during production processes, the compressed air comes into contact with products. For some of them, air purity and quality are critical to the production process. Oil particles could contaminate and disrupt the production process; however, use of oil-less compressors totally rules out the possibility of oil particles entering the compressed air supply and reaching machines or production lines. Thus, contamination or malfunctions in the production line are prevented, as well as unnecessary costs. 


The ELOF Series was designed to provide incomparable reliability, and includes: 

  • Working at ambient temperature of 45°C – 50°C
  • Acoustic insulation including:

    - Full insulation of the compressor

    - Mechanical and electronic vibration insulation

    - Inverter (variable speed) cooling fan

  • Inverter compressors over 75 kW include DCBL (DC Brushless) motor.
  • Friendly service and maintenance, including:

      - External greasing for electric motors 37 kW and above

      - Easy, quick access to filters

      - Unique transmission fluid with flexibility for work in a wide range of temperatures


 Control system features:

  • Colored touch screen
  • Communication through MODBUS RTU (TPU optional)
  • Option of exporting controller data to USB portable drive
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Control of the inverter directly from the controller


Models ELOF 75 and up include the following features:

  • Two-stage compression unit; coated stainless steel screws
  • Unique (patented) PTFE free The two compression units can be dismantled separately for future maintenance purposes.
  • TEFC motor with high efficiency and external grease nipples
  • Centrifugal cooling fan with TEFC motor
  • Unique patent for removing oil mist – the oil mist in the transmission is trapped and recycled to improve the quality of air in the chamber.     
  • Cooler supplies cooled air to the second stage.
  • Droplet separator and fluid drain located before the second stage, in order to remove moisture from the compression of the first stage.


ELOF Series oil-less screw compressors are unique compressors suited to the customer. For more details contact us at our offices: 972 4 8764 339

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