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ELTS Series


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ELTS Series two-stage rotary-screw variable speed compressors enable energy savings of about 15% compared to EL+ Series single stage magnetic variable speed compressors. ELTS Series air compressors are at the cutting edge of screw technology in the world. Through the usage of two compression units and two magnetic variable speed motors, ELTS Series compressors provide savings in energy that beat any other compressor.

Product characteristics:

Use of two screws with different profiles
First stage – screw with a unique profile enables compression of a high volume of air at low pressure;
Second stage – screw with a profile that maintains a maximum compression ratio to raise the pressure with significant energy savings.

Inverter control (variable speed)
Each stage has separate motor and inverter.
A smart controller manages the two stages, while simultaneously there is full synchronization between the two compression stages, enabling significant savings in energy.

Product Benefits
  • Use of IE4 SUPER PREMIUM magnetic motor with high energy efficiency.
  • One shaft for motor and airend (no use of coupling or gearbox).
  • Especially wide working range (20%-100%) enables maximum savings in energy.
  • Three inverters controlling the motors’ rotational speed and centrifugal cooling fan speed with perfect synchronization.
  • Advanced controller developed by EL-AV Compressors with a wide range of control and display capabilities.
  • Ability to manage a weekly work schedule – automatic turning off and on, according to customer’s demand.
  • A variable speed centrifugal cooling fan maintains constant oil temperature with no need for a thermostat.
  • Highly durable stainless steel tubing.


Additional Items

El-AV Compressors.

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Service and support

Our service and support team is available at all hours of the day and throughout the year. EL-AV Compressors’ service concept gives customers both quick response time and high-quality, professional service.

Engineering and projects

EL-AV Compressors has an advanced engineering department that enables us to make complex projects accessible to customers throughout the project chain – from characterization, design and execution, until handing over the keys.

Consulting and providing solutions

Our team will be glad to assist you in any technical questions on a variety of issues, and offer consulting from the engineering, sales or technical-engineering team.

Complementary products

EL-AV Compressors offers a wide variety of complementary products for compressed air systems such as equipment for energy savings, instruments for measuring and monitoring air status, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators, vacuum pumps, chillers, and many more.

All services

EL-AV Compressors

Committed to providing quality products We believe that control and tracking are important tools required in order to ensure greater efficiency and continuous improvement.

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