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Project description:

  • In the first stage, we conducted a survey of the compressor room as well as how the plant works with compressed air and nitrogen (N2) in general.
  • At the end of the survey we prescribed what improvements can be made to the room and way of working in general, in order to improve the operational state and reduce production costs.
  • Flow rate test (energy survey) of the air system at high pressure (45 bar) and a comprehensive report on the existing state, with conclusions and recommendations.
  • At the next stage we offered the customer a plan that would considerably reduce his existing wear and, in addition, save the plant money in terms of energy costs and purchase of gas (N2).
  • Characterization of the proposed system was performed meticulously and professionally, with cooperation of the technical managers at EL-AV Compressors Ltd and Generators ltd company.
  • Signing of an agreement and determining the system’s installation details.
  • Installation and full calibration of the system, performed professionally and with attention to detail by the installation team of EL-AV Compressors Ltd, and supervision and cooperation of the GeneratorIL company technical team.



With professional surveying and characterization by our technical team, and some ‘out of the box’ thinking, we offered the customer a solution to a problem that, until that moment, was not on the agenda. In full cooperation with the Generators company we characterized a 45 bar pressure nitrogen system to replace their old 6 bar system, while at the same time replacing the high pressure 45 bar air system, used at the plant to perform leak checks on the air conditioning batteries manufactured by them. The use of compressed air for testing was a significant cause of product loss and product returns. The system shown in the pictures consists of a nitrogen generator, storage tanks, micron in-line filters, and pressure boosters, all of the highest quality on the market. The system saves the customer over 30,000$ a year, thanks to a considerable decrease in product returns, savings in energy, and costs of purchasing gas (N2).

*The entire project was carried out with full cooperation between EL-AV Compressors Ltd and the GeneratorsIL company.

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