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Bar Bakfar

Project description:

  • Characterization of a nitrogen (N2) system and gas mixing system for creating a gas mixture for foods supplied by the Generators ltd Company.
  • Flow rate test for the plant air system including a detailed report of conclusions and recommendations, with instructions on how to proceed and what to modify in the air system, to achieve efficiency and save energy.
  • Characterization of an air system designed to meet the existing needs of the plant as well as the nitrogen system to be added to the line, while maintaining an air reserve to accommodate natural future growth of the business.
  • Execution of the installation plan in two stages including drawings, instructions, and detailed lists of equipment.
  • The first stage shall include installation of the new air system, with emphasis on professionalism in both the level of installation and quality of parts used, to achieve an optimal operational level.
  • The second stage shall include installation of the nitrogen system and gas mixing system by a professional team from the GeneratorsIL company with the guidance of EL-AV Compressors, to achieve the desired mixture of N2 and CO2.



After installing the systems, it can be seen that the air system works in an optimal way, saving the customer an average of about 10 kW per hour, despite the fact that the customer increased air flow rates. This savings was achieved by correct professional characterization of the air system, correct professional installation, and use of advanced technologies. For example, the previous compressor was a 40 hp screw compressor powered by belts at constant speed (no inverter), providing about 3,800 l/min. We upgraded it to a Model ELCD50INV+ 50 hp inverter with a permanent magnet motor manufactured by EL-AV Compressors, providing variable flow rate in the range of 1,750 to 7,000 l/min.

In addition, we replaced the standard timer-operated moisture drain valves with smart zero loss drain valves. We made several additional changes that helped improve air flow. The customer significantly improved the operational state of the station as well as its air production capability, in addition to the savings achieved by the air system. The customer saved about 80% of the cost of gas for food, a savings of about 24,500$ a year, by using a generator for the self-production of nitrogen (N2) and an advanced mixing system that mixes the nitrogen (N2) with carbon dioxide (CO2). Consequently, the customer now purchases just the carbon dioxide (CO2) while generating the nitrogen (N2) himself.

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